Web Briefing on the 2018 Traffic Signal Benchmarking Self Assessment


2:00-2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Value of the Self-Assessment

The 2018 Traffic Signal State of the Practice Report characterizes the state of the infrastructure and the organizational practices that support the management, operation and maintenance of the signalized intersections. The data, and report that result from the survey and case studies will help to identify opportunities to improve support for traffic signal systems. Access the Survey at: https://www.tsbenchmarking.org/

Do you know the answer to these questions:

  • How many traffic signals are there in the United States?
  • How many Technicians are needed to maintain Signals?
  • What’s the average cost of a traffic signal?
  • How many adaptive traffic signal systems are there?
  • Could traffic signals operate more effectively?

View the web briefing to learn the answer to these questions and more. View the presentation HERE.


Douglas E. Noble
Senior Director, Management and Operations
Institute of Transportation Engineers

Eddie Curtis
Traffic Management Specialist
Resource Center/Arterial Management Program
Federal Highway Administration

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