Lagging Left-Turn Arrow Safety and Operation

This ITE webinar will provide extensive collision analyses comparing lagging left-turn arrow and leading left-turn arrow operation. The webinar will also include commentary on the reasons lagging left-turn arrows have a substantially lower collision experience than leading left-turn arrows will be discussed. The webinar will include recent implementation of independent lagging left-turn arrow operation with flashing yellow left-turn arrows. Preliminary collision data for this operation will be provided.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn the safety benefits of lagging left-turn arrows.
  • Understand reasons for these lagging left-turn arrow safety benefits.
  • Understand the need for statistical analyses of traffic engineering and operations actions.
  • Learn the benefits of Wilcoxon Ranked-Sum Statistical Analyses.

Paul E. Basha, P.E., P. T.O.E., has forty years of experience as a transportation planner and traffic engineer, approximately one-half with each the public and private sectors. Paul is also a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University where he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on traffic engineering since 1996. He has also taught several traffic engineering workshops. Currently, more than 60 members of the Arizona Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers have studied traffic engineering with Paul’s direction.